Case Studies

Distribution Director

Chris is a director of a company with an annual turnover in excess of £10M. He is responsible for the operation and distribution of publications, electronic media and associated services.
The coaching and development programme focused on identifying and achieving both business and personal goals. The initial two day management programme clarified the aspects of the business, management and key result areas of the job. This enabled him to set specific real-time job and development objectives.
Chris was able to build on his strengths and acquire new competencies by clarifying his development needs and focusing on appropriate actions. The coaching enabled him to develop and strengthen his personal and managerial skills which in turn improved his value and contribution to the firm.

Human Resources Manager

Jackie is a human resources manager with a vehicle maintenance company. In the two day HR development programme key aspects of her management role and input to the business were reviewed through a process of self-assessment.

Performance action goals were identified and a learning process agreed to implement real time goals and activities. The coaching programme built on the two day workshop and focused on her contribution to the organisation in conjunction with developing job, managerial and personal effectiveness. As a result, Jackie developed into a confident and highly skilled human resources manager with enhanced managerial and professional capability and better understanding of how these supported the business goals. The coaching programme enabled her to plan and implement change more effectively which led to greater stability and continuity of employment relations in the organisation.